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To celebrate that we are actually getting new shit done and its almost the season again to be jolly, we will hold a contest, yes indeed our second contest in the history of the band. It's CONTEST TIME! this time we are keeping it simple so everybody can enter, basically show the love for Fondlecorpse any way you can, show us your a real couchpotato legionaire!!! with pictures wearing our clothes, holding cd's, eps whatever you can think off make some artwork etc etc anything goes.

The Winner gets!
1 copy of the first shirt we did (out of print now) b/w doublesided one
1 copy of the sold out split ep
1 copy of the limbless ep
1 signed cd
and some assorted crap postcard sticker buttons etc etc

Now get cracking!! The contest will run till the end of December then we will choose a winner who will be notified and will get this prize shipped a.s.a.p. we are keeping it fair and simple so everybody has an equal chance to win this shit!!

So start getting us entries!! and post that shit!! send it!! mail it!! make us proud!!
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